What to do while stuck on a plane/at an airport? Edit, of course.

Well yes I will have a few hours to spare tomorrow, traveling as I am from the Left coast to the Levant. Hey, it’s business but I get one day at the beach, and after the wretched weather here lately (Rainy Northwest) boy will that sun be welcomed. Supposed to be warm and sunny in Israel.

I have three stories to work on:

– The Secret Life of Mermaids, which I workshopped on OWW and lots of people really liked it. I love it when that happens–this story was written from a daydream, done all of a morning. It just needs a bit more description before it gets submitted somewhere that does creepy.

– The Desperate Assassin, which is destined for the website here, as it is an extension of the PHJ universe and has a character from the early days of Jones on Earth. In fact, Karl is in the book. This needs major rework. I liked the beginning – another daydream, it is a narration of the particular problems of a sniper. Used as a lead-in to an action story, I thought it would set a mood, give some feeling of authenticity. But, after workshopping & submitting, the nicest thing I heard said about it was ‘good action story with a slow start.’ Well, I can like slow sometimes. Maybe that’s just me. But I’ll fix it.

– The Delicacy of Deceit. Another PHJ world story, featuring Bridget, one of Jones’s foils and someone in whom ambiguity sits comfortably. This story has not had much attention because it spent a record 144 days before getting rejected by an august and respected SF publisher. That needs another look before sending off to OWW, but my memory is that it’s pretty solid.

In between I have a bunch of books loaded up on Nook & Kindle, a lot of Indie authors, I’ll be writing about them on Goodreads.

About H.W. MacNaughton

Technologist and communicator. Into technology, jazz, Formula One, sci-fi and any good writing about real stuff.
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