Back in the saddle!

Wow, Real Life and The Paying Job have been, shall we say, challenging lately. 30 hours to get home from that trip, a bit much, and five days of sleep deprivation followed by 42 hours awake for the journey home (because you fly out of places in the Middle & far east at ungodly hours) turned me into a zombie. Literally! Uh, well, not really. I wasn’t dead, but felt so. Enough misuse of the language. I did get some work done, and after a week to recover have gotten back to editing. It’s amazing the junk you find in a perfectly good manuscript when you look at it weeks later. Two ms going out today:

– Watergirl (was The Secret Life of Mermaids, until I found a utube show of the title, grrr.)  A little story, under 2K words, but with punch. Still gives me the creeps when I read it, I hope that’s a good sign. Going to sub. Woot! To a very literary spec fiction pub, so if it gets in I’ll feel pretty boss.

– The Delicacy of Deceit. I’m feeling pretty good about this one, but will workshop it to see if I’m deluding myself or if others see some value in it. So off to OWW where I hope my editing buds will tear some holes in it. (BTW I just saw Laura W’s comment WRT female characters – this story has pro & antagonist that are female; Bridget is a pretty major force in The Work and I’ve really enjoyed writing her. I have another story with a strong female lead and will be reworking that following helpful comments from an ASIM reader.)

About H.W. MacNaughton

Technologist and communicator. Into technology, jazz, Formula One, sci-fi and any good writing about real stuff.
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