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Still working on tech, drop by the Albino tree site for some culture

I’m working slowly today, as my back is still complaining about Saturday’s gardening efforts. I did get a little walk in, and a post up which i had been working on at the ‘culture’ site, It is my little … Continue reading

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Overdoing it in the garden again

Today’s post was to be covering some more Android Wear watch faces, as well as some hints for using the bubble cloud launcher. However this morning’s effort to turn the characteristically heavy clay soil in my garden plot resulted in back … Continue reading

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Game on in wearables: Apple Watch vs. Android Wear

I’m a watch guy. I have several nice watches that cost more than an Apple watch, and I consider them fashion statements. None of them will be outmoded anywhere near as quickly as a modern ‘smart’ thing, which have lifecycles … Continue reading

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Will AIs kill us all?

Woz thinks AI is out to get us. Elon Musk isn’t too sanguine about our future either; he  likened AI to “summoning the demon.” And with him is Bill Gates: “I agree with Elon Musk and some others on this and don’t understand why … Continue reading

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Android Wear – two WTFs and solutions

For the latest on this subject and Android Wear 5.1.1, see this post. OK, I am a big fan of Android Wear. I have been delighted (Motorola product managers will love that word) with my new Moto 360, and haven’t … Continue reading

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Top Ten Enemies to Writing

10. Neighborhood/homeowner/condo association. Dandelions, what dandelions? 9. Medical issues. I cannot type until I fix this hangnail. 8. Equipment problems. 4K monitor! Yeah, I need that. For my eyes. 7. Game of Thrones. Who’s gettin’ killed next? 6. Noise. Users of … Continue reading

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