Tylt watch bands for Moto 360

Tylt Packaging. Makes you feel all cheery, doesn't it?

Tylt Packaging. Makes you feel all cheery, doesn’t it?

I like the standard black leather watchband for the Moto 360. It’s comfortable and reasonably stylish. That band was a major reason I found the Moto one of the most comfortable watches I have owned. I’ve got a number of watches, not a crazy amount, but I like a good watch and my previous favorite for comfort was from Junkers. That got stolen a long time back and I never got another one quite like it.

I was glad to find the Moto 360 so comfortable, so much that, having satisfied myself that MotoBody was as accurate as my Fitbit for counting paces, I ditched the Fitbit. The Fitbit’s band is a grabby silicone which really annoyed my wrists, especially my RSI. If you’ve fought tendinitis as I have for decades, you can appreciate the importance of a non-binding band.

So, I was happily pacing, and running, with greater comfort an no worse accuracy. (Which BTW, is a reason not to use Google Fit’s pace counter. It is accurate most of the time, but occasionally assigns me thousands of steps I have not taken. I get to breakfast, and I’ve taken 2300 steps. Really?! What, did I move to Jay Gatsby’s house? Use Moto Body if you have the ‘360.) Why replace the band? I do a lot of walking, and running, and riding of bikes, and as the weather warmed up, I was not only sweating a whole lot more but also dousing myself more often with water to cool off. Neither is optimal for a leather band.

Given how comfy the ‘360 was with the original band, I faced replacement with some trepidation. First of all, there were a lot of reports from the early days of the Moto 360 of generic third-party bands causing splits on the back of the watch. Folks were trying to cut down silicone bands in hopes of making them work, and sometimes ruining the band, other times, ruining the watch. A bit frustrating, Moto having made a standard-sized watch lug that was prone to cracking. Then there was price. You can spend a lot of coin for a good-looking watchband. The cheap stuff at the drugstore was not going to work for me (I’m a watch guy after all…)

Yet I needn’t have worried. My search lasted about 30 seconds. My hit came up from the Moto web site, for the Tylt band. Silicone, stainless fittings. Looked a likely choice. And only $27. Not bad! I was not expecting much, however. I have bought watchbands n that price range before and been disappointed.

Tylt clasp mechanism

Tylt clasp mechanism

As you can see from the photo to the upper right, it arrived in a cheery green-detailed box with Moto 360-specific markings. That alleviated some concern about a group of unscrupulous re-branders releasing a generic band for the picky Moto. This looked like the real deal. Inside the package are replacement springs and the little watch tool you need to replace the band. I already had that, but most folks don’t and the tool makes all the difference in replacing a watch band. It grabs those little springs and holds them tight. I had the new band on in a couple minutes, and slipped it on.

I demand good looks and comfort, and the band delivered on both from the beginning. The band is scalloped, not just a plain strap of silicone, and the fittings are thick stainless steel, well-finished with precise bevels. They look classy.

The photo here is from a week on, so there are a few spots of dust and such, but the stainless fittings, especially the etched ‘TYLT’ logo, give the watch a bit of class and hold up well to wear and tear. I’ve had the band for a few weeks since that photo and I wear the Moto daily, all day, whether working, gardening, puttering around, anything but really high-risk activities. It gets knocked around. No scratches.

Better than that, the silicone has a nice silky feel which does not bind or grab. ON hot days, or running, it does not get slimy or slick. I don’t notice it hanging on to me like I do the TomTom Multisport (which has a really stiff, wide strap). This band is comfy. The band itself holds up well; there is a little patina on the edges of the band itself as the silicone wears, you can just make it out in the picture. But, all in all, a win, hands down.

You can get them here. I see they are a few more $ now. Still worth it.

P.S., I found, bought and wore the product with no consideration from the manufacturer, Motorola, or anyone else.

Black band, black watch. They have other colors, too.

Black band, black watch. They have other colors, too.

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