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Ad blocking and the end of the columnist, Part 1

Ad-blocking in IOS will lead to the end of professional content creation. A bold statement? But follow thorough on Casey Johnston’s vision from The Awl — which I encourage you to read. It’s an insightful article, in which Casey goes back to … Continue reading

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Moto360 – matching band length with SteelConnects

I matched my Moto360 with the black SteelConnect lugs, and it’s a nice upgrade — I can use any 22mm band I want without any hassle or fear of cracking the back. So far so good. But a SteelConnect lug … Continue reading

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Moto360, SteelConnect and Traser band

Just a quick update – I received my SteelConnect lugs yesterday — the ZPJ folks are great international sellers. They keep you informed and offer an expedited shipping option, which I took. I’ll have an ‘unboxing’ post later this week. … Continue reading

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Why I’m an Android guy

Yeah, I’m an Android guy. Android gives you a big screen, widgets, the freedom to customize and pimp your phone. You can get wild. I carry an iPhone for work, and I about tolerate it. Mainly, it’s just heartlessly uncharismatic. Yes, the … Continue reading

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