Moto360, SteelConnect and Traser band

Just a quick update – I received my SteelConnect lugs yesterday — the ZPJ folks are great international sellers. They keep you informed and offer an expedited shipping option, which I took. I’ll have an ‘unboxing’ post later this week. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the SteelConnect with a Traser watch band (which I got off Ebay IIRC). Traser is a traditionally-styled watch, so the band works better on the Moto360 with SteelConnect than bands designed for the Moto360’s lugless design, such as the Tylt. That’s because without lugs, Moto had to extend the band’s length. The Tylt is too long for me with the SteelConnect lugs installed, and the buckle ends up creeping up the side of my wrist. As looks go, the Traser has a nice flare as it meets the lugs.

My Moto is sporting the Ranger watch face from the folks at Zuhanden, another great design from those folks. I think the Ranger works well with the macho styling of the Traser band. BTW, Trasers are great watches. Tough,and never go dim. Radioactive!

Moto360, SteelConnect lugs and the Ranger watch face

Moto360, SteelConnect lugs and the Ranger watch face

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