Moto360 – matching band length with SteelConnects

Moto360, SteelConnect lugs and Traser watch band

Moto360, SteelConnect lugs and Traser watch band

I matched my Moto360 with the black SteelConnect lugs, and it’s a nice upgrade — I can use any 22mm band I want without any hassle or fear of cracking the back. So far so good. But a SteelConnect lug on an already large watch results in a really huge lug-to-lug measurement. IOW, more watch, less band. But the bands built for the Moto360 are designed a shorter lug-to-lug length. Result? If your wrists aren’t like Thor’s, you end up with way too much extra band. For example, the Tylt band wraps so far the endplate sticks out at an odd angle, and the Traser band tail wraps almost all the way ’round.

So, what’s a watch enthusiast to do? Well, if you are in a similar predicament, head over to my favorite watch band site, Strapped for Time. They’ve got a humongous assortment of bands, arranged by width, and also give you information like how long each strap is, in mm. The original Moto bands are 127mm and 80mm. So, 207mm total length, and if your wrist is in the 7 to 7.5-inch range, you’re going to want a shorter strap for the SteelConnect.

Hadley Roma silicone band. That is real stitching.

Hadley Roma silicone band. That is real stitching.

I like a silicone band, as I don’t have to worry about the band getting wet in day-to-day activities. There are not a whole lot of silicone options, but I found a couple excellent choices.

First,  the Hadley Roma silicone. A photo is shown at right. At 125/75mm it’s 7mm (about 1/4-inch) shorter than the standard Moto band, and fits me perfectly. The styling is superb, with real stitching in various colors and ribbing on the underside to keep it comfortable on a hot day. Also, the lug end has a notch to fit in with the flare of the lugs.

Another approach is a trimmable band. I’m familiar with Oris watches, as I’m a watch guy and my wife bought me one for a major anniversary. They’ve got a Formula-1 themed watch with a black silicone band, and Strapped for Time has a version of this band here.

Oris-style band from

Oris-style band from

The thing about this band is that it is a deployment band. The ends that snap into the deployment can be trimmed, as there are multiple lug points. Check out the touched up photo below, showing the adjustment points. This band adjusted nice and snug on me and still had a long ways to go. You have to take care trimming, use a very sharp exacto-type blade and go straight. One item to note: although this band works fine with the Moto bedside charger that comes with the watch, it does not work if the watch needs to lay flat, like your typical Qi pad. Bring a beside charger when you travel.

Oris-style band with adjustment points.

Oris-style band with adjustment points.

As you can see, the silicone bands pick up dust, and that’s highlighted in the photos. In real life it’s not as noticeable, but if you’re particular about that and don’t need water resistance, SFT has plenty of leather options as well.

So, that’s the story for the original Moto360 and SteelConnects. I consider them a major upgrade, as my first watch cracked badly after using the Tylt for a couple months. Changing bands is far simpler and the freedom to put any band on there is great. There is no way you’d be able to fit the beefy Hadley Roma on the original Moto 360 without the ‘Connects. Worth a go.

The new Moto is out and I’m tempted just from it’ newness to give it a go but the OG Moto is still doing the job. It works well with the new interactive watchfaces, and with the SteelConnect I have the style I want.

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  1. I like your review style, HW. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

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