‘Trump or Hitler,’ new political parlor game

I’ve been reading Volker Ullrich’s ‘Hitler: Ascent‘ and finding it quite illuminating. And it has sparked an idea – a parlor game called “Trump or Hitler?” Ask these questions of your friends and neighbors. Sure to spark some lively discourse? Oh, and the answer is always…”both.” Page references are to Ullrich’s book. Trump doesn’t get page refs, but I may get twitter links when I have some more time. BTW, regarding this well-meaning article in the NY Post which claims it is dangerous to compare Trump to Hitler. I hold it is more dangerous to not point out Trump’s authoritarian parallels…remember, Hitler rose to power legally, while continuing his attacks on order, truth and social norms. We cannot wait until Trump gets ‘just as bad’ to draw parallels.

Our first installment of Trump or Hitler. Remember, the answer to all these questions is both.

  1. Who routinely insulted and humiliated his loyal followers? (p. 161, 217).
  2. Who had trouble with grammar and spelling? (p. 26, 55)
  3. Who was an unreliable political partner, with contempt for his supporters? (p. 217, p.249)
  4. Who stumped hard about the threat to the middle class? (pp. 36, 90, 140, 245) but enjoyed luxuries, a high income, and avoided taxes? (pp. 175, 254, 303, 406-407)
  5. Who loathed bureaucracy and lagged at filling appointments? (249)

More coming soon!

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