A long-time technologist by trade, a writer by passion. I write science fiction to explore the impact of technology on society, to imagine where society will be going, and to explore how interstellar travel will affect cultural relations, psychology, and politics.

Why I’m here

Over the years I’ve collected stories, some real-life, some fictional. When I write, I’m out to amuse, engage, and entertain. Along the way, there may be light social commentary. It’s not a goal, per se, but a story can be a looking-glass for the reader to reflect upon issues faced by the characters.

What you’ll find

There will be some discussions about politics, economics and technology. There will be diagrams of starships, villages, and space stations. I’ll add character sketches and some scenes that didn’t make it into the novel due to logistics. Longer stories will give you an idea of the focus: mostly on the character reacting to novel situations, with a little of the technology and ‘procedural’ elements for those that like harder sci-fi. I like a little comic relief now and then; knowing my limits, I apply it sparingly.

–H. W. MacNaughton

P.S. If you’re asking: Why is he reviewing technology? Because I’ve been a tinkerer and builder (amps, guitars, computer code) for a long time and I’m a gearhead. And as a sci-fi writer I’m finding it increasingly exciting to be in the future I dreamed of as a kid. Teslas, cell phones, talking wristwatches are all pretty freaking amazing. Anyway, the change in tech represents an important wave I must ride if I’m going to stay relevant as a writer.

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