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It still gets my blood pumping…

Did a line edit of the final climax of the book – two chapters in which the forces which have been aligning for 400 pages finally crash together. For me, having written the first version of this years ago, it’s … Continue reading

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On the home stretch

The blog is alive. It’s been some time since a post, as frankly the decompensation of the Trump administration has advanced far faster than any writer could keep up. I have not had the time to commentate here, I’ve done so on … Continue reading

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The Fall of America, Part 2: How the Republicans Flim-flammed the American Electorate

Yes, this is a long post. But when you are trying to illustrate how a superpower can fall, it takes some words. In the last installment I discussed how the inevitable leveling of globalization started eroding the well-being of American … Continue reading

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The Fall of America Part One: Winds of Economic of Change

Series: The inevitable weakening of American economics, the disintegration of the American political system, and the rise of a global bureaucracy. In my Pat Hayden Jones universe, the Earth and its colonies are ruled by a bureaucracy. This structure, the … Continue reading

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Dialing in on Nin, and why an SF/F guy is reading her

I’m reading Anaïs Nin this month, having started with Henry and June, her unexpurgated diary (review here), and now have read through more than half of the earlier (heavily edited) Diaries, Vol 1. One might wonder why a Sci Fi … Continue reading

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On Charlotte Shane

I wrote this a year ago. This article still gets hits so it deserves a refresh. I stopped following Ms. Shane not long after writing this and on a recent look at her Twitter stream, the issue I point out … Continue reading

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Seven magnificent use cases for Android Wear

[Edit – I had Jerry’s “run them off the road” quote on the wrong context earlier – fixed.] You know, I like the Android Central podcast. I drive a lot for my job, hours at a time, so I have … Continue reading

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The agony and ecstasy of online reviewing

Professional authors (e.g., folks who can actually live on their authorial earnings) are likely to have really good editors. The editor is known to them, there is give-and-take between author and editor, they build trust over multiple projects, and like … Continue reading

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Using Twitter, a less-than-ambitious but humanistic approach

There are a lot of folks who are really working Twitter. They’re getting to 10,000, maybe 50,000 users as fast as they can….good for them. They use auto-follow and auto-unfollow tools and plan to turn that huge twitter base into … Continue reading

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Pat Hayden Jones – Renegade update

15 months and about 2 weeks after my last edit, I’m back at it. In the interim I spent a lot of time learning stuff for my new job, so now yes I know how to set up DHCP, LDAP … Continue reading

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