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Ad blocking and the end of the columnist, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Who will write in the 21st century? So, if we’re pushing to a new paradigm where the platform is the publisher, who’s doing the writing? We are. The Crowd. Seriously, it’s already happening. CNN and ABC … Continue reading

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Thought-reading patents increasing

Strangely, just a few days after writing my mind-reading post, I see this headline: “Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents” in my BBC news feed. (Yes, I read the BBC.) Serendipity? Who knows, the wife thinks I can read minds. Anyway. … Continue reading

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Why I get my news from the BBC

Yes, I am an American and I use the BBC for my news. You get a better quality of writing than in the US (save perhaps the New York Times and WSJ) and it also provides a filter for American hype. The … Continue reading

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Still working on tech, drop by the Albino tree site for some culture

I’m working slowly today, as my back is still complaining about Saturday’s gardening efforts. I did get a little walk in, and a post up which i had been working on at the ‘culture’ site, It is my little … Continue reading

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Shattering the monolith

The monolith: Pat Hayden Jones, Renegade, 220,000 words (before a couple attempts to slash & burn), a history of a character, a universe I’ve been musing about for many years. And, finally, after a massive push in 2014, ignoring kith and … Continue reading

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Real life gets in the way: Retooling and the drought

At the end of 2014, I had to completely shift focus in my Real Job, which supports four other people, three households, and a cat. So, that job has to have priority. Writing is a time and money sink so … Continue reading

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Brazilians, apheresis and the Holidays

I have given up trying to determine why Brazilians keep hitting my site. Evidently, they arrive at the site and immediately run away. None were caught in my net of Brazilian-baiting (post now deleted), probably as I had written in English, not … Continue reading

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What to do while stuck on a plane/at an airport? Edit, of course.

Well yes I will have a few hours to spare tomorrow, traveling as I am from the Left coast to the Levant. Hey, it’s business but I get one day at the beach, and after the wretched weather here lately … Continue reading

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“Bjorn & Bread” Prologue

I like Scott McGowan’s style: “They may not be the biggest, strongest or the most handsome” via “Bjorn & Bread” Prologue. Ya know, I’m tired of heroes that are too cute, too perfect, too smart. We need more heroes like … Continue reading

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The incomparable Alexa (see her page here) has done up some cool stuff, like this Space Commission patch, Mayana’s cosmetics bag, and Jones’s favorite tech item, the gravity boots. Her spaceship picture is my new masthead pic, nice!

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