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Shattering the monolith

The monolith: Pat Hayden Jones, Renegade,¬†220,000 words (before a couple attempts to slash & burn), a history of a character, a universe I’ve been musing about for many years. And, finally, after a massive push in 2014, ignoring kith and … Continue reading

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What to do while stuck on a plane/at an airport? Edit, of course.

Well yes I will have a few hours to spare tomorrow, traveling as I am from the Left coast to the Levant. Hey, it’s business but I get one day at the beach, and after the wretched weather here lately … Continue reading

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Story update

I’ve edited Mayana’s Hunt, which I’d written of a morning and had to change quickly when some names changed – and I missed some changes. I’ve also cleaned up the voice and cut some junk. After doing 3 passes of … Continue reading

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New content up! First drawing, a vingnette

I received a concept drawing this week of a main character in the first PHJ book. Mayana comes from an evolutionary colony which is shorthand for: we dump you on a planet¬†with some tools and you do the best you … Continue reading

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Software patents, IP Seizure and the new Middle Ages (Software Patents part 1)

Imagine living in an age where the development of technology is so slow that you could wake up after a century-long sleep and find nothing significantly changed. This is conceivable in one of two eras: Earth during the Middle Ages, … Continue reading

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Software Patents, or, How to Make a Hamburger (Software Patents part 2)

I used to be a burger chef a long time ago. We made big, glorious burgers, works of art. We also assembled beef sandwiches, grilled chicken breasts, patty melts, and short ribs. Lots of fries & salads too. I worked … Continue reading

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The story: Hacked before conception

The story: Hacked before conception.

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