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Ad blocking and the end of the columnist, Part 1

Ad-blocking in IOS will lead to the end of professional content creation. A bold statement? But follow thorough on Casey Johnston’s vision from The Awl — which I encourage you to read. It’s an insightful article, in which Casey goes back to … Continue reading

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Top Ten Enemies to Writing

10. Neighborhood/homeowner/condo association. Dandelions, what dandelions? 9. Medical issues. I cannot type until I fix this hangnail. 8. Equipment problems. 4K monitor! Yeah, I need that. For my eyes. 7. Game of Thrones. Who’s gettin’ killed next? 6. Noise. Users of … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle!

Wow, Real Life and The Paying Job have been, shall we say, challenging lately. 30 hours to get home from that trip, a bit much, and five days of sleep deprivation followed by 42 hours awake for the journey home (because you … Continue reading

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What to do while stuck on a plane/at an airport? Edit, of course.

Well yes I will have a few hours to spare tomorrow, traveling as I am from the Left coast to the Levant. Hey, it’s business but I get one day at the beach, and after the wretched weather here lately … Continue reading

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Only the brave need apply as #betareader, will return 2X the honors.

I’d be happy to swap the honors and read any TWO of your manuscripts. Why? Because mine is bloody long, 190K words. Although I like long books best (I’ve read all 14 Wheel of Time books, the Dark Tower series, … Continue reading

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Seagulls and Rockstars, the crime of Pat Hayden Jones

In the tech industry here in the US, there is a term for the stone-cold experts that local teams call in to present new concepts or address problems a customer is having: ‘Rockstar.’ In the heady days before the 2008 … Continue reading

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