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The Fall of America, Part 2: How the Republicans Flim-flammed the American Electorate

Yes, this is a long post. But when you are trying to illustrate how a superpower can fall, it takes some words. In the last installment I discussed how the inevitable leveling of globalization started eroding the well-being of American … Continue reading

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The Fall of America Part One: Winds of Economic of Change

Series: The inevitable weakening of American economics, the disintegration of the American political system, and the rise of a global bureaucracy. In my Pat Hayden Jones universe, the Earth and its colonies are ruled by a bureaucracy. This structure, the … Continue reading

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Why I get my news from the BBC

Yes, I am an American and I use the BBC for my news. You get a better quality of writing than in the US (save perhaps the New York Times and WSJ)¬†and it also¬†provides a filter for American hype. The … Continue reading

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The scarcity of entrepreneurship

I’m reading William Scholz’s excellent post on the future economies here. He has some very incisive observations about the direction we’re going regarding production – in this case, production of concepts and ideas. And he posits the demise of the … Continue reading

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