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The agony and ecstasy of online reviewing

Professional authors (e.g., folks who can actually live on their authorial earnings) are likely to have really good editors. The editor is known to them, there is give-and-take between author and editor, they build trust over multiple projects, and like … Continue reading

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Review: Clean Burn

I don’t usually do book reviews here, but rare is the indie or small-press tome as good as this one. Clean Burn by Karen Sandler My rating: 4 of 5 stars Well, for you VI Warshawsky fans, there is another … Continue reading

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A novel is like stringing a necklace, each moment, a pearl

I’ve been reading a lot about the art of writing. Everyone has a list of things you should do, things you shouldn’t. And then of course they go ahead and tell you to ignore half of the rules, depending on … Continue reading

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Pat Hayden Jones Lives

210,735 words 8 decades of story 95 days in a young man’s life. 1,060 light years And this is just the beginning.

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