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Seven magnificent use cases for Android Wear

[Edit – I had Jerry’s “run them off the road” quote on the wrong context earlier – fixed.] You know, I like the Android Central podcast. I drive a lot for my job, hours at a time, so I have … Continue reading

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Tylt watch bands for Moto 360

I like the standard black leather watchband for the Moto 360. It’s comfortable and reasonably stylish. That band was a major reason I found the Moto one of the most comfortable watches I have owned. I’ve got a number of … Continue reading

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Android Wear – two WTFs and solutions

For the latest on this subject and Android Wear 5.1.1, see this post. OK, I am a big fan of Android Wear. I have been delighted (Motorola product managers will love that word) with my new Moto 360, and haven’t … Continue reading

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Android Wear and Smartwatches 2: Bringing back the joy

Okay, maybe you think I’m overdoing this. But yes…joy. I remember the first time I got a color computer — must have been a Mac II ci back in the early 90s — and I played some goofy video that … Continue reading

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