The story: Hacked before conception

Log line for Pat Hayden Jones, Renegade

A young man impressed into government service steals a spaceship and rescues a woman exiled from her planet. On the run, they find haven with a group of rebel Spacers. The cost of protection: the rebels want them to face down the most feared ship in the Fleet.

 The Pitch – spoilers!!!

Centuries after the planetary governments banned human genetic manipulation, a secret program experiments with eggs destined for in-vitro fertilization. The result? No one knows what to expect. One of those kids is Pat Hayden Jones. On a college prank, Jones breaks into the computer system and discovers his genes have been hacked. He sees the government’s plans for his exile – to be studied, and kept away from humanity. He goes underground, but when caught, is given a choice: serve in the Space Commission or go to prison. He chooses the former and is sent on a mission to the edge of known space.

Jones subverts his ship’s controlling AI and saves a colony girl, Mayana, from certain death. A pariah, she has no choice but to leave with the Earthman. Unknown to Jones, the leaders of Mayana’s people, concerned with Mayana’s position in an unknown society,  has tricked him into saying the words of their marriage ceremony. Mayana must decide whether she completes that ceremony or even tells Jones of his obligation.

On the run, the duo happen on an old space pirate who directs them to a nearby star cluster, where they are caught up in a smoldering rebellion. The two must overcome cultural differences and mistrust before they can rely on each other’s strengths. That they must do, for in exchange for protection, the rebel Spacers call upon them to face the most powerful ship in the Fleet. Their weapon? An alien sphere that links their minds — bringing an intimacy that neither is eager to pursue.

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